Estate Tree Care Program

We offer this "all inclusive" program for customers with very diverse landscapes. We visit the property monthly, March-December, to more thoroughly monitor for a host of potential issues. Along the way we develop and implement “mini-programs” for specific concerns as they arise. On these landscapes we often work closely with your current landscaper or groundskeeper so that as a team, we can maximize the value of your Outdoor Investment. From custom fertilization to seasonal insect & disease controls to winter protection, we've got your valuable landscape investment covered! You can start this service at anytime of the year. We’ll meet your landscape where it’s at and keep you moving forward throughout the years to come.

This program includes free service calls throughout the year so we can get the jump on any issues as they appear. Don’t leave anything to chance... take advantage of Lang’s "full toolbox" of services and contact us for a FREE EVALUATION today!

We can cover every tree on your estate!

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