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Lawn Care Program Details

Enjoy a hassle-free and personalized Lawn Care service that stands out like no other. Each annual treatment plan is customized to meet your lawns needs, and the same technicians will service your property all year long. With two crabgrass controls in the first two treatments, your lawn is sure to grow, thrive, and add value to your home!

Early Spring:

Granular Fertilizer Treatment with Pre-emergent crabgrass control. Applications done in April may also include broadleaf weed control if weather conditions permit.

Late Spring:

Granular applied Fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control. Applications to include blanket liquid broadleaf weed control.

Early Summer:

Granular applied treatment consisting of complete fertilizer with selected broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent crabgrass control as needed.

Late Summer:

Granular treatment of a complete slow release (50% SCU) fertilizer, selected treatment of broadleaf weeds, if present.

Early Fall:

Granular Fertilizer application consisting of a complete slow release fertilizer. Applications to include blanket liquid broadleaf weed control.


Granular applied fertilizer for summer stress recovery. This helps with root growth and root development for the following season. This is applied in Late October/Early November and is a very beneficial application.

Optional Beneficial Services

Grub Control:

This is applied from Mid-May until September. This will control the grubs, which feed on the root system. This service is 100% GUARANTEED.

Pellitized Limestone:

Applied in early Spring or Late Fall to help neutralize the Ph balance and condition the soil. **This is granular lime not the white powder lime**

Core Aeration / Seeding:

Mechanical process reduces compaction of soil allowing more oxygen to the root system to spur new seed germination. Aeration and Seeding is recommended in the fall.

Flea and Tick Control / Surface Insect Control (April-Nov)

Fleas and ticks can infest any lawn. They can bite people, live on a pet, and transmit diseases. Many people are allergic to flea and tick bites, and almost everyone experiences severe itching and painful irritation when bitten. Fleas and ticks are also hard to control. That’s why our flea and tick treatment generally involves more than one application. The first application reduces active fleas, ticks, and most other surface insects. Additional applications may be necessary for continued control as eggs and larvae hatch later on. Treatments are effective for 25-30 days. (June-July-Aug are key months for this service)

** Please note: Services continue year to year unless we hear from you via email or postal mail stating otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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