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Why Seal Coat Your Driveway?

Before Sealcoating
After Sealcoating
Seal Coating prevents oxidation. Asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate almost as soon as it is paved. As the pavement is exposed to oxygen, the asphalt binder (tar) hardens. This hardening results in a brittle surface that eventually cracks. Cracks in the pavement enable oxygen and rainwater to penetrate the pavement, often into the sub base, weakening it and reducing the pavement’s strength. Seal Coating protects the surface and fills surface voids, reducing pavement’s exposure to oxygen and water and extending pavement life. Seal Coating enhances pavement appearance and eases maintenance. Seal Coating brings back the dark black color of the original pavement, making it look and wear like new. Because seal coat fills surface voids, a seal coated surface is much smoother, which is easier to sweep, shovel, and wash.

What to expect from Lang’s Seal Coating

  • Machine cleaned pavement prior to sealing
  • Each driveway edged prior to sealing
  • Only commercial grade sealer used to give you a black matte finish
  • Totally brush applied by hand
  • Only sand mix used
  • Reliable quality workmanship
  • Fully insured
  • Commercial and residential
  • 20+ years of professional experience sealing over 10,000 driveways in southeast Pennsylvania

Our Customers Love Us!

  • I sealed my driveway before selling my house for some instant curb appeal. I had no idea the difference that it would make. I just wish that I had done it earlier to enjoy it more myself! Lang’s Seal Coating was very easy to work with and very reasonable pricing. Thank you!

    Betsy Nestor

    Berwyn, PA

  • Three years ago, I hired a company to seal coat my driveway. They used a spray that they told me would last for several years. Within 6 months, my driveway was back to looking gray, like before they sprayed. So, I tried Lang’s Seal Coating and am impressed that after two years, my driveway still looks great. See you in several more years!

    Ben Jameson

    Malvern, PA

  • I couldn’t believe how big of a difference a freshly seal coated driveway makes with the look of my house. I realize that there are many other benefits, but the look alone was well worth it. The crew was very professional, showed up at the time that I was told, and cleaned up the area when they left. Thanks Lang’s Seal Coating!

    Sharon Johnson

    Downingtown, PA

Lang's Seal Coating

In 1985, Jeffrey Lang and Keith Critchley began seal coating driveways for customers in Chester county, Delaware county, and Montgomery county. Offering a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, and with personalized attention at the top of their priorities, Lang’s Driveway Seal Coating service has grown every year and boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rating.
Don’t trust the guys travel from neighborhood to neighborhood, spraying on a thin coat of sealant, but claiming significant savings. Our commercial grade sealer provides years of beauty and quality that you won’t get from cheap spray on alternatives. Call us today at (610) 647-6001 for your free estimate.

Lang's Lawn Care

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