Tree Borer Program

Area landscapes often include trees prone to wood boring insects such as Bronze Birch Borer, Dogwood Borer and the invasive Emerald Ash Borer. As these pests predominately target more mature trees their activity can have a devastating impact to your outdoor investment. We offer several different approaches to protecting your valuable trees from borers. These include:

Soil Drench Systemics - applied to the root zone, the material is distributed through out the vascular system essentially inoculating the tree against attack. This yearly treatment may be done in spring or fall and often includes fertilization at no additional charge.

Trunk Injection - provides extended control. This treatment works best for larger trees over 20’’ in diameter and is often included in our Mature Tree Care Program.

Trunk Surface Treatment - A combination systemic/contact control is applied directly to the tree trunk. We time this application to coincide with peak egg laying activity.

We would be happy to stop out and assess your landscape for potential Borer issues and provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE outlining the best treatment plan for your specific situation!

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