Fireblight Suppression Program

What is Flireblight?

Fireblight is a contagious disease which commonly affects Pears and Crabapples as well as other plants in the Rosaceae family. Once present, the pathogen cannot be eradicated! Our program works to suppress visible symptoms and prolong the trees overall viability. We do this thru a series of fungicide treatments which must begin in early spring, prior to bud break. In addition to treating for the Fireblight pathogen we also work to reduce other stress factors such as Rust fungus and Tent Caterpillars. Again, this will help the tree deal with the infection, it will not eradicate the pathogen nor prevent the symptoms.

Our Fire Blight program consists of a series of three foliar treatments in early spring followed by a trunk injection treatment in late spring for extended control of the pathogen.

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