Special Tree Care Programs

Mature Tree Care

Mature specimen trees are very valuable, virtually irreplaceable components to a residential landscape. Often, due to their size and location they require special care and unique treatment techniques. Below is an outline of the custom treatments we offer which may be of value to your specific landscape.

Deep Root Fertilization: In addition to Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium, our deep root feeding includes a host of micro nutrients as well as mycorrhizae and other bio-stimulants.

Systemic Insect/Disease Control: We utilize the tree’s vascular system to disperse material throughout the tree. We have three primary ways of applying this treatment which may be used singularly or in combination:

  • Soil Drench Systemic – applied to the root zone
  • Trunk Injection – injected directly into the vascular system
  • Trunk Drench – provides contact and systemic control

Growth Regulator: This treatment helps re-direct energy to improve root density, improve heat & drought tolerance and improve tolerance to insect/disease issues

Fireblight Suppression

Fireblight is a contagious disease which commonly affects Pears and Crabapples as well as other plants in the Rosaceae family. Once present, the pathogen cannot be eradicated! Our program works to suppress visible symptoms and prolong the trees overall viability. We do this thru a series of fungicide treatments which must begin in early spring, prior to bud break. In addition to treating for the Fireblight pathogen we also work to reduce other stress factors such as Rust fungus and Tent Caterpillars. Again, this will help the tree deal with the infection, it will not eradicate the pathogen nor prevent the symptoms.

In conjunction with this program, it would be beneficial to have the affected trees pruned to remove infected twigs. Lang's does not offer pruning services but we can point you in the right direction.

Emerald Ash Borer