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Tree & Shrub Care Program Details

Here at Lang’s we practice INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT principles to protect your landscape investment while having a low impact on the environment. We begin with a thorough inspection of the landscape to assess site conditions, inventory plants present and scout for past or present pest activity. We will then provide you with a detailed treatment plan to help your landscape reach it’s full potential.

First Visit:

This treatment uses Spring Dormant Oil. This horticultural oil is used to smother overwintering insects and egg masses. It targets difficult to control pests.

Second Visit:

This treatment uses Spring Root Zone Fertilization which contains balanced fertilizers, micro-nutrients, root growth enhancers and soil ammendments for proper nutrition uptake.

Third Visit:

Scouting and Treatment of seasonal insects and disease.

Fourth Visit:

Scouting and Treatment of seasonal insects and disease.

Fifth Visit:

Scouting and treatment of late summer pests such as bagworms and mites along with an assessment of summer stress issues.

Sixth Visit:

This Fall Root Zone Fertilization will revitalize plants after the long summer.

Seventh Visit:

This treatment uses a Fall Dormant Oil, which is a horticultural oil to further reduce pest populations.

Eighth Visit:

This winter protection uses an anti-dessicant for broadleaf evergreens and other conifers

Additional Services for Specific Issues

Mature Tree Care Services:

Mature specimen trees are very valuable, virtually irreplaceable components to a residential landscape. Often, due to their size and location they require special care and unique treatment techniques. Below is an outline of the custom treatments we offer which may be of value to your specific landscape.
  • DEEP ROOT FERTILIZATION: In addition to Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium, our deep root feeding includes a host of micro nutrients as well as mycorrhizae and other bio-stimulants.
  • SYSTEMIC INSECT/DISEASE CONTROL: We utilize the tree’s vascular system to disperse material throughout the tree. We have three primary ways of applying this treatment which may be used singularly or in combination.
    • Soil Drench Systemic – applied to the root zone
    • Trunk Injection – injected directly into the vascular system
    • Trunk Drench – provides contact and systemic control
  • GROWTH REGULATOR: This treatment helps re-direct energy to improve root density, improve heat & drought tolerance and improve tolerance to insect/disease issues

Soil Injected Systemic Insect Control:

Provides season long control for many pests via the root zone.

Additional Fungicide:

Applied as a series to plants especially prone to foliar disease activity in the spring.

Borer Control:

Various treatments to control wood boring insects such as Emerald Ash Borer, Bronze Birch Borer, etc.

Estate Program

For very diverse landscapes; includes ALL services listed above in 9 monthly visits (March-November).

No two landscapes are the same so why settle for a company that “just sprays everything” for “bugs”? Each program is custom designed for your specific landscape and each visit within that program is tailored to meet the seasonal needs of the landscape at that time. So let’s get started…..Call us today for a free estimate!

**please note: services continue year to year unless we hear from you via email or mail stating otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact us.