Outdoor Pest Control

Outdoor Pest Control Program Details

Take back the great outdoors with Lang’s multi-faceted outdoor pest control. We use state of the art materials and application techniques to reduce populations of annoying , and dangerous, pests such as Ticks and Mosquitos as well as common home invaders.

Perimeter Pest Control:

This services envelopes your home in a protective barrier to deter common home invaders. Treatments are made to the outside of the home and high traffic areas of the landscape. Bait boxes are placed to control rodent populations as needed. 4 Treatments are made April thru September.

Mosquito Control:

We will inspect and treat areas where eggs are usually laid as well as create a barrier around the home and high activity areas throughout the landscape. Treatments are made every 21 days in season. We can also do Pre-Event Treatments for Weddings, Family Reunions, etc.

Flea and Tick Control:

Utilizes both granular and liquid treatments for turf and non-turf areas. Recommend 2-3 treatments per year.

All treatments are made by licensed applicators and are virtually odorless. Call us for a free assessment of your landscape and an outline of what our program can do to help your family and pets enjoy your landscape investment.

**please note: services continue year to year unless we hear from you via email or mail stating otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Why are Fleas a Problem?

Although fleas can transmit diseases such as bubonic plague and murine typhus, they are primarily a nuisance pest to pets and humans. The bite of a flea can cause itching and redness on humans. On pets however, a flea bite can cause serious problems such as dermatitis, tapeworm, and anemia.

Lyme Disease and Deer Ticks

The risk if being bit by an infected tick is greatest in the summer months (especially June and July) when the nymph stage is active. Make a habit of thoroughly checking yourself for the tiny nymph following any outdoor activities. About 30 to 50 percent of the Deer Ticks found in our area are infected with and able to transmit Lyme Disease. Once the tick carries its disease it will retain it to the next stage and be able to infect future hosts.

Outdoor Lawn Applications

Effective outdoor flea and tick control can be achieved when the entire border of wooded area and brush is treated. Your first flea and tick application will quickly control the adults and provide a 26-28 day residual for emerging adults.

For maximum results applications should be repeated every 30 days throughout the summer.

Our Flea and Tick Control Program consists of monthly visits during the tick season

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